Coffee 'til Cocktails

Hey hey friends!!! Welcome to the first installment of the Sistique Boutique blog! We wanted to utilize this platform as a way to showcase some fun outfit ideas!! These outfits have been bought specifically to work together AND with other items in the Sistique collection! Really, we just wanted to take some of the guesswork out of this "fashion" thing....these outfits have been tested AND complimented ;) We hope you LOVE it :)


First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Kelsey and I am the non-blonde in this pic. You all know my gorgeous bestie, April, and her amazing “sisters,” Megan and Sarah. Now, I am just like all of you - when Sistique started I was THRILLED! An online clothing boutique that has great quality clothing at low prices?!? HECK YES!! So I “helped” them in many of the ways that you all do, as well....I answered their online poll questions about styles....I took photos of styles I liked and hoped they could find to add to their collection....AND I BOUGHT EVERYTHING THEY SOLD. Man, I don’t know about you but I feel like I have a pretty good stake in this Sistique business ;)

With that being said, I love fashion and knowing what the trends are. What I love SO MUCH about Sistique is that all three of the sisters have such a unique style from one another! They bring their love of quality fashion to us and it reaches EVERYONE! That is no easy feat!!! April and I brainstormed this idea of a blog and topics that we could showcase.... let’s be real - I’m just a normal girl who wants to look good when I leave the house but still feel like I am wearing my pajamas. Anyone else?? With that thought in mind, this blogging journey began.

I pitched my first blog topic to the ladies and off I went shopping! I picked all of these outfits with the idea that the change of seasons not only requires a casual wardrobe change, but also some new work clothes! These tops, pants and jewelry can all be intermixed and THAT is the beauty! In addition, we wanted these outfits to transition from your first cup of coffee at work in the morning to your last cocktail at happy hour on Friday! Wear them with the black pants we picked or the new distressed jeans!! Either way, I know you are going to love these outfits and their versatility :) Throughout the blog, when you LOVE something (which I know you will!), click on the links and it will take you right to the product page for more information! And DON'T FORGET - as always - FREE SHIPPING!! I don't know about you, but that is pretty much better than Christmas morning to this girl! 

The first outfit features an incredibly soft sweater with the amazingly fashionable trumpet sleeves. I paired it with black pants and heels to dress up the look. Feel free to wear it with peep-toe booties or black flats, as well! The final touch is the black necklace that ties the entire look together. This taupe sweater could also be dressed down for a night out with jeans and brown booties! The options are endless for this gorgeous sweater!!

 I am wearing a size small in the sweater and a size medium in the pants. Everything fits true to size.

I am wearing a size small in the sweater and a size medium in the pants. Everything fits true to size.

One of my favorite looks from this blog collection is this black faux wrap top with 3/4 bell sleeves!! Who here LOVES a gorgeous bell-sleeve top? (Not sure about you, but my hand is raised!) The top drapes perfectly and is SO soft!! I would pair it with a little gold necklace and ANY black shoe that is comfortable to you because this outfit speaks for itself! Pair it with white pants in the summer for a completely new and fresh look! In the photo, I paired this top with the same black dress pants and heels as above.

I am wearing a size small in the top and a size medium in the pants. Everything fits true to size.

Remember my pajama comment from up above??!!?? Yeah, this green dolman sleeve shirt is IT! I wanted to showcase how well this shirt would work with black pants for work or jeans for a happy hour/night out! Pull it off the shoulder to make it more casual or add the black necklace and black booties to easily transition through the middle of your week! The green color is a perfect transition to our fall wardrobes - and it is even more gorgeous in person :)

These jeans..... BUY THEM. Buy them for you, your sister, your daughter....seriously. Everyone needs a pair. They are so comfortable and the details are over-the-top PERFECT. The uneven hem is incredibly on-trend AND these jeans make your booty look AMAZING (which is ALWAYS on trend!)

Size up one size for these.

Coffee til Cocktails is a bonus tank that we don’t recommend wearing to work, but WOW is it amazingly soft and comfortable for any of your other daily activities....Unless you have a boss that is cool like that - and if so, PLEASE tell us where you work!!! And seriously, ladies, I am sure most of us believe Coffee til Cocktails to be our life I right?!? 

I cannot believe that the first installment of the Sistique Boutique blog is finished!! What a fun endeavor! We have lots of fun ideas to send your way throughout the upcoming months, but if you EVER have something you want to see featured on here - send it our way!! Thanks for reading, thanks for shopping, and most importantly, thanks for sharing in this dream. XO.

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