Doe and Rae

FRIENDS!!! The third addition of the Sistique Blog is here and THANK GOODNESS because (I don't know about you!), but I was having some MAJOR withdrawals!! Just kidding, I have no idea what I was having withdrawals from...I was still buying EVERY SINGLE THING that Sistique sells, so I guess maybe "withdrawals from having money" would be the appropriate classification 😉  I am here with an AMAZING round-up of new items for you and the best news is that we are using the blog to introduce a new brand to all of you!! I have worn this brand MANY times...

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Summer Trends 2019

Hi Friends!!! It has been awhile since we had an installment of the Sistique Blog!! Since the last blog, we have had the COLDEST and SNOWIEST winter EVER here in Minnesota - and that is what makes this summer post that much better!!! I am soooo happy to be back and doing this again for the upcoming season!!! I don't think it is any secret that I like to shop. A LOT. Like A LOT, A LOT. It's bordering on a problem (so my husband says), but I have no intention of stopping 😉 Luckily for you, that means that I was...

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Coffee 'til Cocktails

Hey hey friends!!! Welcome to the first installment of the Sistique Boutique blog! We wanted to utilize this platform as a way to showcase some fun outfit ideas!! These outfits have been bought specifically to work together AND with other items in the Sistique collection! Really, we just wanted to take some of the guesswork out of this "fashion" thing....these outfits have been tested AND complimented ;) We hope you LOVE it :)   First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Kelsey and I am the non-blonde in this pic. You all know my gorgeous bestie, April, and...

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